Öztaş Ambalaj


Öztaş Ambalaj continues its works by complying with environmental legislation and international standards in all production processes. Our company prioritizes environmental awareness. We ensure to minimize CO2 (carbon dioxide) emision rate thanks to our environmentally friendly materials and resource optimizing packaging designs.  We take important precautions with our innovative product designs and R&D studies in order to protect the nature at every stage of production.   

Our main Principles are as below:
-    We use recyclable and environmentally friendly production techniques for all our products.  
-    We constantly develop inovative policies in order to serve to our partners in the highest quality and most accurate way.
-    We care about our staffs health and safety.
-    Productivity – We have a team which focus on raising our success in efficiency to a level that can compete internationally.
-    Our products and services have national and world standards, appropriate and are reliable and high quality.
-    Our company aims to minimize negative environmental impacts by consuming resources minimal.
-    Öztaş Ambalaj raises awareness of its employees about Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) at work succesfully.
-    We determine our impacts on the environment, and control the negative effects and waste.   
-    We complete the provided works on promised time.
-    Our company takes all necessary precautions in order to protect nature, air, water, environment and human health during all production and business processes.
-    We are committed to providing products and services that prioritize human health and safety.
-    We realize our projects in compliance with environmental legislation and international standards.
-    We comply with all legal requirements regarding Occupational Health and Safety (OHS).

With basing these principles, we have made as our duty to be an exemplary company that respects the society and environment.