Öztaş Ambalaj
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Our Corporate Values

Oztas Packaging has a great success in the market because of working in an effective and productive way and having high company values and principles. Our Company owes its success to working hard and detailed and to moving towards its principles.

Our Values:

Integrity and Reliability
Our company acts in honesty and integrity principles in all business processes.
Earning and maintaining the trustfulness of our customers is at the main of our corporate values.

Customer Satisfaction
We approach our customers in an equality and within the rules of respect, fairness and kindness.

We always share our information except our trade secrets, and we always try to be transparent.

Mutual Gain
We invest to provide the highest value to our all customers and adopt a mutual gain approach.

We keep our minds ahead of our emotions in all our activities.

Team Spirit
We work for making you as customers happy by uniting around the same vision and mission.

We care about the privacy of our customers and we act by protecting this in all our business processes.