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About Us

“We are on the same paper with you”

Öztaş Ambalaj
was established in 2003; operates production on 30.000 m² area in Istanbul Beylikdüzü region and started its commercial activities with the motto of "dedication and success". Our company aims to develop and renewal continuously. For 19 years, we owe our success to our experience and our adaptation to technological changes.

Öztaş Ambalaj has provided the best service to its customers without compromising reliability and quality since it was founded. We have further strengthened our roots with our experience in the sector.

Öztaş Ambalaj has become the symbol of speed, quality, trust, customer satisfaction and stability with its 250 employees and is among the most well-known brands in the sector which was established with domestic capital. Öztaş Ambalaj which has BRC (British Retail Consortium), ISO 9001, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and YUM Quality Certificates has succeeded for gaining satisfaction and continuity of the customers with its production approach above world standards and disciplined work.

Our company with a great team, product variety and equipment capable of exporting to all over the world is a leader company that has made a great difference in the sector with its strong experienced general management, competent engineering team, architecture-design-production, staff & competitive price policy.

Our long-term success depends not only on our production strategy, but also on our corporate company values. We act in accordance with the principles of dedication, time, follow-up, perseverance, transparency, research, motivation, success, R&D, competence, adaptation and jet delivery in all our works.

Our solutions provide opportunities to eliminate the problems that our customers may encounter in the future and we always support our customers about solving problems step by step in previous and future.

Our company makes permanent solutions against problems by following up-to-date technologies and minimizing the impacts of our products on the environment, obeying basic laws and regulations, and thus continues the activities with its goals and objectives. Quality, precision, fast and reliable delivery are our main points that make us strong and optimistic for the future.

Öztaş Ambalaj works and develops in order to shape the future continuously and become indispensable innovatively in the sector.

We as a company consider ourselves to be a part of the companies we serve. Our quality products, wide product range and reliable service attitude that we offer to all our customers are our main goal for now and for the future. We will continue to serve our customers by aiming development and growth with these principles and by advancing with the attitude of a reliable company in the light of our corporate company values.

We will always be proud of working with you and serving you in the best way.