Öztaş Ambalaj
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Our FSC® Policy

In accordance with the FSC® values, in accordance with the cooperation with the Forest Stewardship Council®; we undertake that we do not and will not have any direct or indirect connection with the following subjects in our activities that we carry out and will carry out.

» Illegal logging and/or illegal forest products trade
» Violation of traditional and human rights during forestry operations
» Destruction of forests with high conservation value
» Converting forests to plantations or non-forest uses
» Genetically modified organism applications in forestry operations
» Violation of any of the ILO Fundamental Conventions as defined in the ILO (International Labor Organization) declaration on basic principles and rights at work

In addition, we consider our employees as our most valuable asset in all our activities and aim to minimize the losses that may occur and continuously improve them by creating a safe and healthy working environment. For this purpose, compliance with laws, regulations and standards related to occupational health and safety is essential in all our activities.