Öztaş Ambalaj

Our HR Policy

"The difference between a dream and a goal is action."

ÖZTAŞ AMBALAJ, with its customer satisfaction-oriented approach, with its strong and dynamic staff, has progressed by realizing and developing its goals day by day, depending on business ethics.

Our company selects personnel among people who have a high level of knowledge, skill and experience, are keen on technology, are prone to teamwork, have the potential to develop themselves and their business, are respectful to people and the environment and can protect these values.

Our company never discriminates between candidates while selecting personnel and completes its processes with an equal approach to candidates at all recruitment stages. We provide employment in the light of systematic, equal opportunity, objective and transparent evaluations.

Human Resources Policy is a very important and sensitive process for our company because a strong, knowledgeable, dynamic, well-equipped staff with ethical values is very critical for us to achieve customer satisfaction.

Our years of experience have taught us that we must shape the future and offer opportunities to future generations. We must work harder now and for the future, and the right opportunities should be presented to the right people to lead the future.

Words and ideas can change the world. Perfection cannot be achieved, but if we follow perfection, we will catch the age. Our company in order to provide a better quality service to its customers; seeks, finds and brings you together with you the most perfect to include in its staff in case of need.

Our Human Resources Policy:
» Equality
» Knowledge and Experience
» Compliance with Laws and Regulations
» Honesty and Reliability
» Fair Pay
» Every employee is an indispensable part of our company.
» We follow a participatory management policy that combines different perspectives and knowledge.
» Education Support
» We comply with the applicable Labor Law and related regulations.
» We support employees to balance their work and social life.

Our Human Resources Recruitment Process:
» Position Announcement
» Application
» Evaluation
» Screening and Call for Interview
» Tests
» Meeting
» Reference Research
» Health Check and Registry
» Selection Phase
» Job Placement
» Starting work