Öztaş Ambalaj
Öztaş AmbalajCORPORATE

Mission & Vision

We aim to provide quality service to our customers in the light of the principles of Dedication, Time, Follow-up, Perseverance, Transparency, Research, Motivation, Success, R&D, Merit, Adaptation and Jet Delivery. Our Mission; to bring customer satisfaction to the highest level, to provide a better quality service day by day.

As Öztaş Ambalaj, our goal is to be a brand and a leader company in the sector. Our vision; To continuously increase the service quality, to meet the consumer expectations at the highest level and even to exceed them, to expand the product range and to be the most preferred company in the future.

Our Vision
To be a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of printed materials, our core values are;
» To lead the printing/packaging industry in terms of quality, innovation, technology and flexibility.
» Adding value to the products and services you offer and meeting market needs by making a difference
» To support product diversity in the packaging industry.
» Consider environmental responsibility for a sustainable industry and the world
» Providing a safe and healthy working environment by valuing our employees
» To maintain the understanding of total quality management with the mentality of continuous improvement

Our Mission
To offer customer-specific products and services in the Printing and Packaging industry with innovative, flexible and sustainable resources.
» To transform the working system into an exemplary system approved and recognized by international organizations.
» To work professionally with staff, customers, product and service suppliers in a way that suits the team spirit, and to ensure continuity by creating not only a profitable but also a safe, peaceful, transparent and democratic environment.
» To advance without compromising the principle of customer satisfaction by offering products and services that exceed customer demands and expectations.
» To protect, educate and raise awareness of consumers in Turkey and in the world.
» To fulfill its duties in terms of preventing environmental pollution.
» To be a legal, ethical and always open institution within the framework of social and corporate responsibility.
» To support education for a better, more livable world in the light of the philosophy of continuous improvement.