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Quality, OHS and Environmental Policy

Quality, OHS and Environmental Policy
In line with its vision and mission, Öztaş Ambalaj does its best to meet customer expectations in the best way and to develop adequate Quality, Safety and Environmental Respect standards in accordance with the current legislation at every global level to fulfill the commitments it has promised.

Our Quality Policy
Öztaş Ambalaj, which produces paper packaging solutions for many sectors, especially the food sector, sees its customers and suppliers as business partners and offers them convenient, reliable and hygienic packaging solutions that will provide them with a competitive advantage in the market. Öztaş Ambalaj carries out its activities in the light of the Quality Management System and in a way that meets all relevant legal requirements and continuously improves it.

Öztaş Ambalaj quality policy can be summarized with the following words;

» Quality and hygienic product
» Customer happiness
» Continuous improvement
» Productivity
» Qualified - experienced employees.

Our Environmental Policy
Öztaş Ambalaj aims to carry out all its operational processes within the scope of its environmental policy. We consider the environment and nature as a gift and a treasure entrusted to humanity, and consider it our duty to protect it.
All of our activities are carried out on the basis of the principle of continuous improvement in order to eliminate the negative effects of all our stages on the environment and to prevent pollution;

» To comply with our environmental aspects and all applicable legal requirements,
» To raise awareness of all our personnel about environmental safety and protection,
» Optimum use of all resources required for our production activities,
» As a business, to work in cooperation in order to achieve the goals in this policy,
» Establishing goals and targets for the reduction and control of wastes given to all environmental environments and emphasizing their important environmental effects,
» To prevent pollution at its source, taking into account the environmental impacts of our production activities,
» It undertakes to fulfill its responsibilities to ensure that all kinds of wastes generated as a result of our activities are systematically stored and destroyed.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy
Öztaş Ambalaj considers producing in safe and suitable working conditions as an indispensable element of its quality, profitability and growth targets.

Our basic principles are;
» To work in compliance with Öztaş Ambalaj's occupational safety policy and in accordance with national legislation and regulations.
» To comply with the occupational safety and ergonomics targets of new projects or important process changes.

Improving working conditions and ergonomics, preventing risks and protecting employee health are among the most important responsibilities of our business and managers.
The success of our working conditions and occupational safety management depends on having security awareness individually and as a society. Everyone is responsible for ensuring their own safety by using the necessary safety equipment, following the rules and contributing to the prevention of risks.

There is no work accident that cannot be prevented if necessary precautions are taken. Being healthy and physical safety are the most natural rights of our employees. We should adopt acting safely as a way of life both inside and outside the company and apply it in all areas of life.